Automotive - EMC

Phoenix Testlab is a modern EMC test laboratory for electronic components that are used in motor vehicles. As a result of many years of experience and a high degree of specialization, we are your reliable partner A dedicated team testing automotive components ensures the high quality of tests.


Accreditations: DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018
Certifications: DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015

Our laboratories are from the Kraftfahrtbundesamt (KBA, Federal Motor Transport Authority)) as a technical service (category A and / or B as well as D) with regard to the e / E marking for UNECE legal acts named:

  • UNECE-R10 (06 series of amendments), EMC for electrical / electronic sub-assemblies and complete vehicles (EMC)
  • UNECE-R100 (02 series of amendments) Part II, Rechargeable Energy Storage System (REESS)
  • VO (EU) 2016/1788 (Annex XV, Parts 3 - 8), EMC for electrical / electronic sub-assemblies and complete vehicles (LoF)
  • 2009/19 / EG (Annexes VII - X) according to VO (EU) 661/2009, EMC for electrical / electronic sub-assemblies and complete vehicles
Typical Standards for the applications listed above

International Standards:

  • ISO 11452-1 to -9, Immunity Tests
  • ISO 10605 Test of Immunity to Electrostatic Discharge
  • ISO 7637-1 to -3, Conducted and coupled Interferences
  • ISO 16750-1 and -2, Electrical Tests
  • ISO 14982, Agricultural and forestry machines
  • CISPR 25, Measurement of radiated and conducted Emissions


German OEM´s:

  • TL 81000 and VW 80000, Requirements of Volkswagen AG
  • GS 95002 and GS95003, Requirements of BMW
  • MBN 10284, Requirements of Mercedes-Benz
  • LV124, Electrical Requirements


International OEM´s:

  • FMC 1278, Requirements of Ford
  • GMW 3097 und GMW 3172, Requirements of General Motors
  • JLR-EMC-CS, Requirements of Jaguar/Land Rover
  • CS.00054, Requirements of Fiat/Chrysler
  • 28401NDS02, Requirements of Nissan
  • B21 7110, Requirements of Peugeot - Citroen
  • 36-00-808, Requirements of Renault
  • VOLVO Car and Truck Requirements
  • MESPW67602D, Requirements of Mazda



  • Relevant manufacturer specific Requirements for Agricultural machines as well as Construction machinery
  • and much more
Accredited radio test laboratory
  • Anechoic chambers
    • Emission measurement up to 7 GHz
    • Field generation up to 18 GHz with up to 600 V/m in special bands
  • Shielded chambers
    • Conducted emission measurement
    • Bulk Current Injection (BCI)
    • Direct Power Injection
  • Vehicle pulse test locations
  • ESD tests up to 30 kV, even under constant climate
  • Stripline, triplate, TEM cell
  • Fiber optic interfaces for various bus systems
  • Standardized measuring procedure for recording analog measured values
  • Simulators for GSM, UMTS, Bluetooth, DECT and GPS
  • Acoustic analyzers
  • Camera systems with digital image processing for test object monitoring

Phoenix Testlab can provide support with its expert team in the following area: