Shipbuilding classification

We also support our customers for certification by the desired classification societies, such as Lloyd's Register, Det Norske Veritas, Bureau Veritas, RINA, ABS, etc.

Most countries will not permit ships that do not have evidence of classification!

Many industrial products are used in maritime applications. However, use in shipbuilding brings with it different approval requirements compared to use in a conventional industrial system. Approval is governed by the individual classification societies, which also specify the recommended values for type tests.

These may vary from one classification society to another. Furthermore, the test requirements may also differ considerably depending on the planned installation location on the ship. If you want to qualify your industrial product for shipbuilding, you must provide the appropriate evidence of classification. Phoenix Testlab will be happy to advise you and perform the relevant EMC and environmental simulation tests as agreed by the classification societies.

Relevant standards/directives:

Common Technical and Procedural Conditions for Mutual Recognition of Type Approval Certifications