E-Billing / sending invoices via PDF file

Registration for E-billing procedure:

By transferring your invoice only as PDF, you save costs and transfer the data more quickly. You will also support us in optimizing the processing of your invoices.


After registration the E-Billing process is uncomplicated: Send us your invoice as a PDF by e-mail to the e-mail address

From now on your invoice runs through the system automatically

How To Do?

1: Send us an e-mail to Simply use the template attached below (press the "Register for E-Billing" button).

2: Download and archive the letter of consent

3: You can submit your invoices by email approximately 24 hours after your email has been sent to us.

4: Receiving address for invoices to Phoenix Testlab:

Please note the requirements for the E-Billing process:

  • Obligation to archive the invoices sent to us (german law)
  • Name one or more, preferably central and non-personal e-mail addresses from which you send the invoices to us. Invoices sent via other e-mail addresses cannot be processed any further. Only the e-mail addresses registered in the e-mail will be activated for this
  • Exclusive use of the permissible invoice format.
  • PDF document as an E-mail attachment.
  • Only one invoice can be included in a PDF
  • If available, print the order number on your invoice
  • We do not accept E-billing invoices on which general sales tax or other transaction-related taxes -that are not German sales tax- are calculated
  • Compliance with national legal frameworks for sending electronic invoices.
  • Please do not send scanned documents. The PDF file must be created directly from the source program (ERP, Excel, Word.) Using the print function
  • File type: Only unencrypted documents with the file extension .pdf are accepted and processed
  • File name: No special characters (\ /: *? "<> |)
  • File size: Maximum 50 MB per PDF file

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