Industry - battery

Batteries for industrial applications are used, for example, for stationary purposes such as emergency power supply and safety lighting, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or for solar energy systems (solar power plant, radio link transmitter, traffic control systems, etc.).

Transportable batteries are used as a power source for mobile devices in a wide range of applications (e.g., maintenance work, quality control, transportation). In order to test this huge range of complex requirement profiles, Phoenix Testlab has a variety of different test equipment with the latest technology. Our consultants will help you create a test plan according to your individual requirement profile.

Laboratory equipment

  • Temperature and climate cabinets (1.5 / 4 / 15 m³) with option for electrical cycling of the test objects
  • Electrodynamic oscillation test systems with temperature testing
  • Shielding cabins and anechoic chambers for EMC measurement 
  • Salt spray chests and noxious gas testing systems
  • Comprehensive test-specific safety technology
  • Electrical operation with up to 1000 V/for battery systems
  • Electrical operation with up to 100 V/for battery modules
  • Test object control and monitoring via CAN
  • Temperature control systems for imitating internal cooling circuits
  • Devices for measuring the AC internal resistance and the insulation resistance

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