Our values

We want to be a competent and reliable partner for our customers. We can only achieve this through a high degree of operational readiness, qualified and friendly support, and optimum customer service. Our values reflect this focus on service. All of our efforts are aimed at providing the basis for a healthy and growing relationship of trust.

Competent and reliable partner for our customers
Enthusiastic employees
Operational readiness

What we stand for:

  • 1.

    We are an independent testing and certification service provider. Since we are independent, you know you can trust our services. As an accredited service provider, we have a reputation for achieving serious results, which you and your business partners can rely on.

  • 2.

    We are the brand that inspires trust. We are not content to just meet the expectations that you have of us, we want our actions to make you feel that you are in good hands. We inspire trust by dealing with one another in an open and honest way.

  • 3.

    We strive for satisfied customers and enthusiastic employees. The basis for a successful business relationship is trust. We achieve this through operational readiness to meet your requests and a motivated team of competent employees.

  • 4.

    We believe in cooperation. A working partnership is based on mutual trust and respect. We think of the future and invest in training and the environment.

  • 5.

    We use the latest technologies. Progress is what drives us towards a successful future. Through the effective use of the latest technologies, we are able to optimally meet your requirements and ensure continuous improvement.

  • 6.

    We care about helping our employees expand their skills, and we listen to their ideas. We want to do the right thing. We rely on the expertise of our employees and make room for innovations.