PHOENIX TESTLAB Notified Bodies accept ultra-fast SAR systems test reports in compliance with IEC 62209-3 standard.

Accelerated certification with very high accuracy for SAR measurement

PHOENIX TESTLAB Notified Bodies accept test reports of SAR measurements performed on ultra-fast SAR systems (Vector probe array). The new international standard IEC 62209-3, highly accelerates the certification process but also improves the accuracy of the SAR measurement.

Benefits for customers:

  • Reduce your time to market
  • Secure your investments
  • Ensure your customers of the quality of your products

PHOENIX TESTLAB Notified Bodies guide you through the requirements to support your certification technical filing, helping you to launch safer products faster.

New IEC 62209-3: ED1 specific absorption rate (SAR) standard accelerates time to market while supporting new innovations.

September 18, 2019

In Jan 2018 the standard committee (IEC TC 106) announced the publication of IEC PAS 63151 ED1, an innovative SAR measurement procedure for hand-held and body-mounted wireless communication devices using, for the first time, Vector measurement-based systems. Following the successful IEC PAS 63151 and 95% positive voting of the FDIS 62209-3, the new international standard, IEC 62209-3 ED1 is announced for September 2019.

The new standard provides practical and scientific guidance to allow the use of Vector Measurement-Based systems for full SAR compliance testing. It takes unprecedented advantages of direct vector-field measurements, which are achieved via fast switched probe-arrays all together with time-domain and vector spectrum analysis of the RF signals. Such vector measurements enable with the new standard the SAR assessment through the usage of rigorous field-reconstruction techniques as derived from Maxwell’s equations.

The standard also details mandatory information a SAR system must meet to allow SAR wireless devices certification used in close proximity to the human head and body (RF health & safety).

During the IEC 62209-3 European adoption process, manufacturers can already benefit from the advantages of this new standard to address EU RED article 3.1a for health & safety (IEC PAS 63151 / IEC 62209-3).

PHOENIX TESTLAB is one of the first Notified Bodies mastering the new standard perimeter including the state-of-the-art for SAR systems. Experience accelerated certification with very high accuracy for SAR measurement with PHOENIX TESTLAB’s Notified bodies.

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