New GPS simulation system for qualifying GPS components

Phoenix Testlab GmbH, an independent and accredited testing and certification institute based in Blomberg, Germany, is extending its radio laboratory to include a GPS simulation system. The test laboratory will now offer additional services in the field of testing and qualifying GPS-aided navigation and positioning devices.

Using the new 12-channel GPS simulation system, real or fake paths are specified to the GPS receiver. This means that navigation scenarios can be simulated and navigation programs can be tested. In addition, the effects of various parameters on positioning accuracy can be investigated. These include changing dynamics,receiver errors due to shadowing, and errors in the satellite system.

For additional information on the topic of:

  • EMC testing and environmental simulation of GPS-aided navigation systems during predefined real or fake path scenarios
  • Comparative testing of navigation devices in terms of navigation performance, accuracy, and noise immunity
  • Receiver characteristics of GPS antennas
  • Sensitivity measurement of GPS receivers

please contact Dipl-Ing. Wilfried Meier at Phoenix Testlab GmbH on + 49 5235 9-50017.

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