New anechoic chamber for vehicle components

Phoenix Testlab GmbH, an independent and accredited testing and certification institute based in Blomberg, Germany, is extending its testing capacity to include another anechoic chamber for vehicle components. This makes a total of four anechoic chambers for standard-compliant acceptance tests as well as one chamber exclusively for preliminary investigations.

At present, the new anechoic chamber is being used exclusively to test vehicle components. Radiated noise emission measurements and radiated noise immunity tests can be performed according to all popular vehicle manufacturers' standards. The anechoic chamber is specified for frequencies up to 18 GHz. It is CISPR 25-compliant for the measurement of radiated noise emission and supports tests for radiated noise immunity up to 600 V/m (radar pulses). In addition, measurements for conducted noise emission and noise immunity tests such as Bulk Current Injection (BCI) or stripline can be performed in this anechoic chamber.

The equipment for filters and feed-throughs is specially tailored to the requirements of the vehicle sector. Various feed-throughs for fiber optics in connection with converters for different bus systems such as LIN and CAN provide data links to monitoring equipment outside the anechoic chamber.

Through the use of fiber optic microphones it is possible to record audio signals and transfer them, for example, to an audio analyzer for analysis without distortion. A 200 A filter and a corresponding power supply unit ensure that even test objects with a high current consumption can be tested without problems. An integrated exhaust system can be used to safely remove any gases that may occur.

The compressed air supply within the anechoic chamber can be used to cool the test objects or to actuate buttons on the test object using pneumatic cylinders.

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