Working while studying

Practical experience while you are still studying

Theory is good, but theory and practice through “Learning on the job” is better. As a working student or temp in the university holidays, we offer you the opportunity to gain practical experience or to prepare for your career with a global player. Your work as a working student is always relevant and tailored to your studies. You will work on fixed projects at your own desk and be included in project-related teamwork just like a “real” employee. Your work schedule will ideally be something like this:

During termtime

Part-time work depending on your lectures and exam schedule: for example, 2 to 3 hours each afternoon or 1 day a week.

In the university holidays

Full-time work, with agreed time off for holidays and other commitments.

As required, you can remain in one department or you can learn about several departments if you prefer. Most of our working students work at Phoenix Testlab throughout their studies, gain valuable practical experience, and of course can also supplement their income.

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Kostenloses Info-Webinar - Future-Lab: Cybersecurity für Funkprodukte

Kostenloses Info-Webinar - Future-Lab: Cybersecurity für Funkprodukte


Es funkt! Aber ist es auch sicher? Viele neue Anforderungen zum Thema Cybersecurity sind in den Startlöchern und werden bald verbindlich.Wohin geht die Reise? Was sind die derzeitig schon geltenden Anforderungen? Wie werden diese geprüft? Wir geben Ihnen einen Überblick!

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