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Welcome to Phoenix Testlab!

Your partner for testing and product certification.

Laboratories for environmental simulations, electrical safety, emc and radio testing.

Left sided: EMC laboratory, the environmental simulation laboratory is on the right.

Over 20 years experience in testing

EMC test in an anechoic chamber

The latest technology for your tests.

Temperature chamber

Highly specialized laboratories

Climatic test area

We work with the latest technologies.

We are a close partner of the electronic and automotive industry.

Product certification - worldwide

We care for the international type approval of your products.

Reach your goals!

Our test reports and certifications are trusted worldwide.

Testing and certification from one hand.

Phoenix Testlab - Competent services for modern products.

Everything from a single source

Our heart beats for electronics - and it shows. Whether your product will be used in industry, in cars, on ships, in trains or in aerospace engineering - we have competent staff who are actively committed to take care of your tests and approvals. After all, wherever electrical products and components are deployed, the latest standards and guidelines must be observed.

We have therefore bundled the most important competencies for you at a single location. Our customer advisers will efficiently plan and coordinate all the required tests that you can perform in our accredited laboratories for EMC, radio, environmental simulation and electrical device safety.

Phoenix Testlab – Your springboard to the world

Do you have good products that you want to sell worldwide? Then you need an approval for all your target markets. Depending on the product and market, tests and approval processes vary considerably - so it's good to have a competent partner at your side. Phoenix Testlab has many notified bodies in-house at its disposal, which can issue approvals directly for different markets. As for all other markets, our team from International Type Approval will ensure fast as possible approval of your products.

Since we can perform a variety of required tests in our own accredited laboratories, you benefit twice over: you save a lot of coordination time and expense and, in the end, can hold all the necessary documents in your hands to sell your product in your desired target market.

Acknowledged expertise with an international reputation

Your products are something special - so please entrust them to competent hands that know how to handle them. A test that is not reliable or was not performed according to current standards hurts your reputation and incurs high follow-up costs. As an accredited testing services provider, Phoenix Testlab therefore places a high value on professionalism and a trusting relationship - to make sure that you reach your goal.

We guarantee tests to state-of-the-art technology. That's why we work with various standardization bodies and foster close contact with manufacturers, suppliers and the competent authorities. As a Technical Service of Germany's Federal Motor Transport Authority, certified PI Test Laboratory and as a Notified Body for various international authorities, we are bestowed with trust that is international.

Show that your product is something special with a test report from Phoenix Testlab!